Keicar4Life 660t Hall of FAME

Keicar4Life 660t Hall of Fame 2015(Based on SDB season 2015, 1/4 Mile Drag)...... #1 ADD by Ann Garage / Zhaa Garage , 12.910s ...... #2 MAN by Liena Racing , 14.1s .... #3 AEU by Ann Garage/Zha Autogarage , 14.8s ..... #4 ? ..... #5 ? ..... more coming soon .......(UPDATE October 2015)

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thai Keicar Racer #3

Machine belong to Mr Thep owner of Daihatsu Work Shop (DWS) Bangkok Thailand, Daihatsu L80 with L500 Single Cam engine transplant. He is one of the top racer in Keicar Circuit Racing scene. This is his new setup for Final Kcar Race end of this year at Buriram International Circuit Thailand. Keicar4Life wish him good luck for the next race.

Last month small gathering witb Thai Keicar Friends, Mr Thep from DWS (Top No 2 from left)

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Monday, September 1, 2014

MUSC Batu Kawan Drag Merdeka Race 2014

MUSC Batu Kawan Drag Merdeka Race 2014
Drag Length 201m
CAT <1.3T
1st Wan Cepon WC Garage
2nd Hafizi Garage (Starlet)
3rd Janggut J-Works


1st place

2nd place

3rd place

1st & 2nd place Match 

3rd & 4th Match

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Merdeka Drag Race 2014, Jasin Melaka

Merdeka Drag Race 2014 , Jasin Melaka
Organizer: Dragtimes2u
Drag Length: 300m

Kcar <1000t
1st JDV Oemm
2nd JDL E9 Wshop
3rd JEM Dtec Auto/Ghost Machine

Congrats to winner

List of participants
1st place
2nd place
3rd place

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Gathering with Thai Keicar Friends Aug 2014

This gathering was held last month.. I was so busy last month and forgot to update picture in Keicar4Life Blog. Sorry hehe ^-^ . Our Thai friends came to Kuala Lumpur to buy some Keicar Performance Parts and we help what ever we can to provide any parts that they could not find theirself. Small gathering to welcome them was held and was attend by Keicar4Life /Selayang Keicar Syndicate Crew.  Keicar Modifications topic was the main topic discussion and both side share their knowledge. Language was not the barier for us to share knowledge. Keicar Brotherhood unite us all together. Here is some photos taken during yhe gathering ....enjoy..:)

Ahyam @ Fitri 

Thai Keicar Dragger #2

Drag Machine belong to Mr Chad a friend of mine, equip with modified JBJL engine with latest version of ECU Shop Octane Max engine management. Here's some pictures of his Drag Machine .. cheers . 

ECU Shop Octane Max now available in Malaysia do call/sms/whatsapp us at 0173774331 for more info or email

Mr Chad (2 from left) picture with Keicar4Life 660t Project Car while he was in Malaysia last month. A small gathering was organized by Keicar4Life & Selayang Keicar Syndicate at that time.

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