Keicar4Life 660t Hall of FAME

Keicar4Life 660t Hall of Fame 2015(Based on SDB season 2015, 1/4 Mile Drag)...... #1 ADD by Ann Garage / Zhaa Garage , 12.910s ...... #2 MAN by Liena Racing , 14.1s .... #3 AEU by Ann Garage/Zha Autogarage , 14.8s ..... #4 ? ..... #5 ? ..... more coming soon .......(UPDATE October 2015)

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Saturday, September 20, 2014

KBS BORNEO Drag Racing 2014, result & drag video

KBS Borneo Drag Racing 2014
Drag Length : 402m
Result Update,
Cat. Kcar < 1.3t
1st BUM Garage
2nd JK Autogarage
3rd Team Adaptronic Management

Congrats winner ...

Total 32 Keicar Drag Machine joining this event
402m Drag timing for participants Cat. Kcar <1.3t
Battle of best 8
Best ET for Cat. Kcar < 1.3t. Machine by JK Auto Garage (Sabah) 12.995s..congrats welcome 12s Club
1st & 2nd Place battle between JK Auto Garage and Bum Garage.... Bum Garage win.
Viva JB series in action..awesome :) seldom we see Viva guys joining drag event. Hood job keep up the good work bro :)
This is also what ee seldom see in Keicar Drag Scene... Perodua Kenari , not bad not bad .. I am impress such a heavy car but it is fast shocking .. huhu

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thai Keicar Racer #4

Another Keicar Racer from Thai. This awesome keicar pickup race machine belongs to Mr James owner of Mini Car Lover, Bangkok Thailand. Top 5 racer in Thai Keicar race scene. This Daihatsu L80 is equip with JBJL fully modify engine. Keicar4Life wish good luck to Mr James for the next race..:) keep up the good work bro..

Engine spec JBJL , Turbine RHF4 , Engine Management KKT the rest is like what shown in the picture ;)

Last month small gathering with Thai Keicar Friends, Mr James (2 from left)

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life