Keicar4Life 660t Hall of FAME

Keicar4Life 660t Hall of Fame 2015(Based on SDB season 2015, 1/4 Mile Drag)...... #1 ADD by Ann Garage / Zhaa Garage , 12.910s ...... #2 MAN by Liena Racing , 14.1s .... #3 AEU by Ann Garage/Zha Autogarage , 14.8s ..... #4 ? ..... #5 ? ..... more coming soon .......(UPDATE October 2015)

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Mr Hadie 12s Kei Drag Car

One of Malaysian Keicar Dragger manage to clock 12s+ in 402m drag. EF Single Cam 1000t machine belongs to Mr Hadie from Team Pipercross Sabah. Nice setup using water cooler / ice intercoller very rare not many Keicar Dragger in Malaysia using setup like this. Keep up the good work maybe soon will enter 11s club hehe..^_^

Timing achieved in Sandakan Drag Race 2013, 402m drag race

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life

Bertam Drag Battle Round 1, 2014

Bertam Drag Battle Round 1, 2014
Drag Length : 200m

Thumbs up to Keicar Dragger that join this event ... although it was raining cats & dogs but still you guys manage to put a good fight... Keicar4Life salute you guys..:)

Cat Kcar < 1300t
3rd GIE K.D.A Motorsports
4th Wan Cepon

Congrats to winner. .....

DAG by OEMM Champion Cat < 1.3t

Ahyam@fitri >>>> Keicar4Life