Keicar4Life 660t Hall of FAME

Keicar4Life 660t Hall of Fame 2015(Based on SDB season 2015, 1/4 Mile Drag)...... 1# AEU by Ann Garage/Zha Autogarage , 14.8s ..... #2 ? ..... #3 ? ..... more coming soon .......(UPDATE MAY 2015)

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Sepang Drag Battle Round 1, 2012 (RESULT)

Update final battle ,

Wgt, Ns Garage vs Kelisa Lizard Speed = Kelisa L.S win
Jep, Add Garage vs Bearz, J-work = Jep A.G win

Next battle ...
1st & 2nd place,
Kelisa L.S vs Jep A.G
3rd & 4th place,
Wgt N.S vs Bearz JW

SDB Kcar Cat Result,
1st Kelisa Lizard Speed
2nd Jep Add Garage
3rd Wgt Ns Garage
4th Bearz J-Works
Congrats to winner ...yg kalah cuba lagi next round ...

To view pic click link >>>>>

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