Keicar4Life 660t Hall of FAME

Keicar4Life 660t Hall of Fame 2015(Based on SDB season 2015, 1/4 Mile Drag)...... #1 ADD by Ann Garage / Zhaa Garage , 12.910s ...... #2 MAN by Liena Racing , 14.1s .... #3 AEU by Ann Garage/Zha Autogarage , 14.8s ..... #4 ? ..... #5 ? ..... more coming soon .......(UPDATE October 2015)

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Welcome #keicardragaddict #keicartrackjunkie

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Sepang Drag Battle Round 5 , 2015

Sources :- Group Whatsapp Malaysian Keicar Dragger Clan

Cat Kcar < 1.3t
1st Lucky Star , Bollente Msports
2nd Charade 4e, Ferlin Tune Up
3rd Charade Deto 4e


Some interesting info :-
- Drag Length 402m using Race America Timing Device
- Best time for that night was clocked by Lucky Star by Bollente Msports 12.5s
- Congrats to ADD #pejuang660t by Ann Garage / Zhaa Auto Garage clocking 12.9s awesome timing for 660t Drag engine
- Pocket Rocket & Aris Garage machine having transmission problem
- Shidi Garage having engine mounting problem
- Aek by Amn Racing having some wiring problem
- Charade 4E Ferlin Tune Up & Charade Deto 4e clocking 12s+ congrats guys for the impressive timing
- Thumbs up to SNF Racer Mychil for having guts to join drag event with his trusty JBJL Race Machine

Timing for all the participants
Semi Final Battle
Lucky Star by Bollente Msports
Lucky Star 12.5s Timing Slip
Bollente Msports Team
ADD Mamu Kamal by Zhaa Auto Garage / Ann Garage
ADD Mamu Kamal #pejuang660t 12.9s Timing Slip
Charade 4E Ferlin Tune Up
Charade 4E Ferlin Tune Up
Charade Deto 4e
Charade Deto 4e
AEK by Amn Racing
Aris Garage
SNF Racer Mychil

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